This Nivea Perfume Smells Exactly Like Their Blue Tin Cream (And You Can Buy It On Amazon)

This Nivea Perfume Smells Exactly Like Their Blue Tin Cream (And You Can Buy It On Amazon)

We know you love how Nivea's blue tin cream smells, but you don't use it because it's too sticky and you end up uncomfortable. Well, Amazon has a solution for you: a Nivea perfume that smells just like the cream and is also very long-lasting.

The smell of certain cosmetics brings back tons of memories. Nivea is one of those brands that has several of those nostalgic smells. Out of all their products, there's one that stands out because it has been around for so long, but also for its very high quality: the blue tin cream.

Your grandmother used to use it, your mother used to use it and you've always had it. This very high-quality cream is suitable for all skin types and problems and is loved by dermatologists.

Its smell is unmistakable... it smells clean, flirty, like taking care of yourself, like the relief of a massage, like all kinds of good things.

Our guess is that its thick texture is probably the secret behind its quality, but let's face it: sometimes you don't feel like using it, because it's so sticky that it leaves you feeling uncomfortable.

What would you say if we told you that you can now have that clean smell without feeling sticky? Well, Amazon has the answer: Nivea has come out with perfumes that smell like two of their most popular creams (you have all the details in the video).

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Click here to buy the one that smells like the blue tin cream and here for the Nivea Sun fragrance.

Yeah, we're also wondering why they didn't come up with this sooner!

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