NASA Announces A New Perfume... That Smells Like Space!

Incredible news. The American Space Agency has announced that they will be releasing a fragrance that smells just like space. Amazing!

Eau de Space Nasa Perfume
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Eau de Space Nasa Perfume

Their project is finally complete. Ten years ago, the American Space Agency gave astronauts quite a strange, yet serious mission: to create a perfume that smells just like space. Basically, it was envisioned in order to allow astronauts to get used to this special, unique smell when they were training on Earth. Although they didn’t plan on marketing this product, it seems that that day has actually arrived.

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The perfume in question was created by Steve Pearce, a chemist and also the founder of Omega Ingredients, a UK company which specialises in ‘the creation of the highest quality, provenance driven, natural flavours and ingredients for the food and beverage industry’. He was hired 12 years ago in 2008 by NASA to develop this unique fragrance.

But when you think of what space smells like, what do you think of? To give you an idea, Matt Richmond, the product manager for ‘Eau de Space', tried to describe the unfamiliar smell of space in a CNN report.

Astronauts describe the smell as a mix of gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries and rum.

As you can imagine, this new perfume has made lots of people curious, but it will not be marketed like those you can buy in perfume shops. This creation could also be used in science lessons to try and encourage students to pursue a career in space.

The final Kickstarter campaign originally wanted to raise $1965 (£1,579) for the project, but so far, they have smashed that goal by raising more than $241,842 (£194,272). The first bottles should be available from October 2020 for just a $29 (£24) pledge!

But that’s not all… Another perfume, ‘Smell of the Moon’ is also apparently in the works!

Check out the video at the top of this article for more details.

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