These are the 3 mistakes we all make when dealing with a spot

We do it every time a spot appears at the end of our noses, yet certain strategies are strongly discouraged…

You wake up in the morning and as soon as you get into the bathroom, you turn on the light and with bleary eyes, you see something that was not there the day before… In just one night, a red or whitish dome has appeared right at the tip of your nose. Whatever the reason for its appearance, it's there, and that's where the trouble starts. Not wanting to have this spot there for a second longer than necessary, you decide to exterminate it. But 90% of the time, the best strategy is not employed…

So stop making the mistakes that only make things worse when it comes to your spots!

Scratching at the spot

We have all scratched at a spot at one point or another! It's normal that when we see something unusual on our skin, we inevitably try to fiddle with it and remove it. But when it comes to acne or even occasional spots, it's best to refrain from doing so. If you try to ‘get it out’ at all costs, you will create inflammation. It will then be more noticeable and more painful.

The only kind which can be removed, and only if the white part is visible, is a whitehead. But before you do this, your hands and the area around the spot should be disinfected, and the use of a tissue to remove it is strongly recommended.

Putting too much concealer on the spot

A spot might be painful and bothersome, which is why we often try to hide it by all means. Concealer, foundation… we often use an armada of products to make it disappear under multiple layers of make-up. But this is a mistake. You end up fiddling with the spot with brushes, your fingers, or even a beauty blender... The result? Bacteria are deposited and redeposited on the spot. The worst part? The more layers of make-up you apply, the more visible the imperfection will be.

The key is to use a disinfected accessory, and apply a thin layer of concealer by tapping lightly. Let the product dry. You can then blend the edges so that the make-up melts into the skin.

Using several different products at different times

Toothpaste, tea tree oil, drying lotion... As with make-up, there is a tendency to use several different products. But unfortunately, your spot will not disappear an hour after its appearance, so you will have to be patient.

Although tea tree essential oil, and other anti-spot products can help a spot to disappear, they should not be used in the middle of the day. Why not? Because these solutions can be allergenic. Exposure to the sun following their application can be dangerous, and cause the appearance of brown spots. It is better to use skincare products at night when the skin is regenerating. However, forget about using toothpaste which could irritate your skin.

In short, don't scratch at the spot, conceal it subtly, and use products on it only at night.

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