Why Does The Skin On Our Necks And Under Our Arms Get Darker?

Why Does The Skin On Our Necks And Under Our Arms Get Darker?

Do you have areas on your neck and under your arms that are darker than others? If you’ve noticed patches like this that seem like they could just be due to poor hygiene, visit a medical professional. Because they are definitely not sweat stains, but in fact, the darkening in these areas is due to a skin condition. Check out the video to find out more!

This condition is known as acanthosis nigricans and it is a skin problem associated with obesity and a glucose intolerance. It’s due to a problem related to insulin production. Your body’s cells aren’t absorbing all the insulin that your pancreas is secreting, which causes the organ to secrete more and more of it as a result and the consequences can then be seen in as these darker patches on your skin.

This problem is normally due to hereditary factors, although it can also be because of endocrine disorders such as diabetes, Cushing’s disease or also problems with obesity or your digestive system.

If you have these dark patches, go see a medical professional, preferably an endocrinologist. Check ou the video above to find out more!

Anna Wilkins
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