What is the Dripstick, the 'sperm sponge' that went viral on TikTok?

An unusual little accessory has been making the buzz on TikTok in the last few days: a 'sperm sponge' which is used to absorb secretions.

Everyone knows it: real sex is far less glamorous than in the movies. Generally, after intercourse, you have to get out of bed quickly to pee and thus avoid the nasty surprise of urinary tract infections. But there is often another problem: if you have sex without a condom, you get semen in the vagina. In this case, you've got to squeeze your thighs together until you reach the toilet where you can finally dump out all the semen in a very unglamorous, but necessary and mundane, manner.

These slightly annoying moments could soon be a thing of the past. The Awkward Essentialscompany looked at this problem, and launched the Dripstick. And since then, this little object has become very trendy on TikTok. But what exactly is it?

What is the 'Driptstick'?

On the company's TikTok account, a young woman explains the purpose of this somewhat unusual object:

It's a sperm sponge on a stick. After you've had sex, you just insert it, rotate it a little bit if you like - it's up to you - and then pull it out. Take it out and it absorbs any semen that's left in the vaginal canal.

Users are delighted

Even though, at the beginning, some people were somewhat sceptical about this invention, one factor quickly shone through: it was a woman, Frances Tang, who invented this for women. And women turned out very appreciative of this product.

There were many comments such as:

Thanks, I was just looking for a solution as sometimes it can take days to come out.
This is amazing. I was sick of going home for a quickie and going back to work with the reminder of what I've been doing all day.

This object is therefore used to prevent unwelcome drippage of body fluids from the vagina after sexual intercourse.

The 'Dripstick' is NOT a contraceptive method

But be careful not to confuse this convenience accessory for women with a means of contraception. The 'dripstick' is in no way a protection against unwanted pregnancies, and even less of a barrier against sexually transmitted infections. So do be careful when using it.

If you want to give it a try, you can buy a sample box for $4 on the company's website.

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