These are the most erogenous female body parts as per science

Knowing your body would not only help you but also your partners in understanding your needs better.

According to a study done on several sexual areas of a female body, science has now given an answer to the most erogenous zones of a female body. A couple of Canadian scientists tested female body parts like side boob, nipples and the perineum area parts. These include the area between the anus and vulva. The idea was to compare these body parts to neutral body parts like the neck, forearm, forehead.

Light touch, pressure and vibration were used to determine how sensitive certain body areas were. They had thirty healthy women who lay undressed on a table covered in a bedsheet. The women's clitoris, labia minora, vaginal margin, anal margin, side boob, areola, nipple, neck, and forearm were then touched with scientific instruments. The researchers stimulated the women for 1.5 seconds, then waited five seconds before asking if they felt anything.


What and where?

What the study discovered was great information for both science and sex life. For instance, the neck, forearm, and vaginal border are the most sensitive places to light touch, while the areola is the least sensitive. The clitoris and nipple are the most responsive to pressure, whereas the side boob and abdomen are the least. Lastly, the clitoris and nipples are the most sensitive to vibrations. Out of all the bodily parts, the clitoris was the most receptive to vibration.

Overall, the researchers discovered that pressure and vibration are more sensitive to the genitals than mild touch. This is pretty interesting given that women do enjoy sex and sex toys. As such, it makes sense that sex toys enhance the pleasurable experience while used during sex.


Erogenous zones that you should not ignore

While all these zones are necessary to identify for pleasurable sex life. It is also vital to not skip on other zones. Rather than going straight for the simple zones like the clitoris and vagina, advise your partner to explore your body. Many individuals overlook the truth that erogenous zones exist all over the body, from head to toe. Concentrating on these places before achieving the target will give you a better experience. Lips, neck, buttocks, armpit, feet and pelvic area are just a few zones that need more attention before the other zones can be stimulated.

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