Sex: Is global warming affecting your libido?

Did you know that global warming could also be a significant cause in the loss of our libido?

Three American economists recently published the theory that global warming could have a negative impact on our libido. But is this just another argument for putting the environment first, or is it a real concern? Let's find out.

Libido according to the temperature

Freezing cold and greyness are not really a source of motivation and energy for human morale. However, blue skies and heat allow you to have almost nothing on your back and has proven to be very effective in increasing sexual desire.

This is the conclusion of a study carried out by three economists from the Universities of Florida, Tulane and California-Santa Barbara. Indeed, the study reveals that as temperature shifts from extreme cold to extreme heat, the frequency of sexual intercourse among men decreases. A trend that is increasingly being noticed which could lead us to believe that global warming could have something to do with it.

Sex: Does global warming affect your libido? Markus Spiske/Unsplash

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Baffling results

It took nearly 80 years of fertility data in the United States to realise this phenomenon was happening. And the results are overwhelming. According to the economists behind the study, if the temperature rises above 26° in month N, there will be a significant drop in births at N + 10, i.e., about 10 months later. This situation is a real threat.

Although the percentage drop in the birth rate is only 0.4% at the moment, by 2070 it could rise to 2.6%. Perhaps this is a way to raise awareness of the importance of global warming and make people want to become a little more environmentally friendly in their daily lives.

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