Having sex this many times a week could make you look 10 years younger

A study by neurologist David Seeks explains how many times a week you need to have sex to stay young. Here's how and why.

What if we told you that we have found the solution to stay young, and what is more, it is a rather pleasant one? Begone Nicolas Flamel's philosopher's stone, begone elixir of youth, the recipe for longevity is elsewhere. Indeed, neuropsychologist David Weeks at Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland has concluded his research, and may have found the miracle cure.

Having sex allows you to look youthful

To carry out his project, neuropsychologist David Weeks recruited 3,500 men and women whose ages ranged from 20 to 104 years. Among them were many people in their fifties. As they answered a large questionnaire, they were simultaneously evaluated by a jury which had to try to determine their age.

And the results are clear. People looking younger than they actually were all had one thing in common: regular sex, about 3 times a week, and most importantly, orgasms. David Weeks explains:

Sexual satisfaction is a major contributor to quality of life, ranking at least as high as spiritual or religious aspects.

By having regular intercourse and orgasms, you could look 5-7 years younger than you are!

Sex would make us live longer

In addition to making us look younger, sex could also extend our actual life expectancy. According to the neurologist:

In a Welsh heart disease study from 1997, the risk of death was 50% lower in the group of men with high orgasmic frequency (twice a week or more) than in the low frequency group.

He also explains that having casual sex is synonymous with anxiety, and lack of security. And as we all know, stress is in no way good for your health.

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