Why Was Queen Elizabeth II ‘Afraid’ of Lady Di?

You may not be aware, but the relationship between Lady Diana and the Queen of England was very complicated. We’ll fill you in.

The Princess of Wales apparently did not only have a complicated relationship with Prince Charles, but she also struggled to stay in good terms with her mother in law, the Queen of England. Elizabeth II was apparently very suspicious of Lady Di, and saw her as competition.

New revelations

Why was this the case? According to a journalist interviewed by the French Journal, 50 Minutes Inside, this was caused by jealousy:

Newly separated from Prince Charles, she (Lady Di) had a high media presence and challenged the deep-rooted codes of the monarchy. England as a whole took up the cause of this unhappy princess, whose marriage to Prince Charles ended in divorce.

She also added:

The relationship between Lady Diana and the Queen was very complex. One can even say that it was bad because the princess was very much in the news. She had become more popular than the queen. For the first time in her life, Elizabeth II was afraid of this competitor.

And that's not all: the Queen also did not want to put up with the princess' rebellious attitudes, such as walking around naked in the garden.

Lady Di, an unhappy princess

According to several tabloids and details in many biographies, Lady Di was never very happy in the royal family.

She is also said to have suffered greatly from her chaotic relationship with the father of her children, Prince Charles, and his affair with Camila Parker Bowles. She was also spied on by the paparazzi and couldn't stand this often too intrusive media coverage.

Lady Di sunbathed nude in the garden and Queen Elizabeth hated it Lady Di sunbathed nude in the garden and Queen Elizabeth hated it