The Queen: This is why she is spending more time in Scotland

The Queen is planning to spend more of her time in Scotland after her Platinum Jubilee and it is for the sweetest reason ever.

Ancestral, emotional, and obligation connections bind Her Majesty the Queen to Scotland. On both lines of her family, she is descended from the Royal House of Stewart. As such, she plans to spend most of her time after her Platinum Jubilee in her Scotland holiday home Balmoral Castle.

Extended stay

The Queen, who usually spends about two weeks in summer at the Balmoral Castle, is understood to extend her stay this year. According to The Sun, her majesty has told her family and courtiers that her extended move will show her lasting support for the Scottish union.

In 2014, the Scottish independence referendum took place where Scotland voted to remain a part of the UK. 55% of people voted against the proposal so that Scotland could become an independent country, whereas 45% voted in favour. As such, the monarch’s gesture of staying in Scotland will have a significant impact on its people. A source confirmed:

Protocol prevents her from expressing a political opinion but she wants the people of Scotland to know of her wish that they reject independence.
The country and Balmoral has been an incredibly important part of her life. She has always been keen to stress that she is the Queen of the entire UK.

Changes in estate

This comes after it was revealed last month that the Queen’s Balmoral estate is going through some noticeable changes and upgrades. As the 95-year-old monarch is experiencing mobility issues, it has been reported that a £20,000 wheelchair lift has been installed in one of her favourite cottages within the grounds, Craigowan Lodge.

The estate is also expected to increase security around the lodge. The security update would include the installation of a new security gate, a state-of-the-art intercom system and a string of new CCTV cameras. All the changes are expected to be made by the Queen’s platinum jubilee so that she can move into the estate as soon as the celebration is over.

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