The Queen's last words to Prince Philip

Elizabeth II, sat alone at her husband's funeral, placed a note on the coffin, the contents of which have just been revealed.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were married for 73 years, had four children, two corgis, and an entire empire. On 9 April, after months of battling an infection, the Duke of Edinburgh passed away on the eve of his 100th birthday, expected on Thursday 10 June.

A missed birthday

Harry and William's grandfather did not see himself throwing a big party for his centenary. In the end, he did not even have the opportunity to blow out his candles. However, events were planned in the UK, such as an exhibition in honour of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Although some of the festivities were cancelled, Elizabeth II insisted on keeping the event in memory of her late husband. Discreet, but important nods to show her love for him in a discreet way. These gestures and messages continued to the very end, even during his funeral, which was held on 17 April in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

A last message

This sad event was ready even before Prince Philip passed away. Royal protocol dictates that crowned heads have to deal with these unpleasant situations that monarchy demands. The Duke of Edinburgh himself was able to draw the vehicle on which his coffin was transported to the ceremony site, but there was one detail that Prince Philip could not have foreseen: the written note placed on his coffin by Queen Elizabeth II.

Visible in the live footage of the ceremony, the little phrase signed by the Queen's hand remained a mystery that the website Hello has just uncovered. It is a simple 'In loving memory, Elizabeth' that the Queen wrote. Four little words, revealing the Queen's affection for her most loyal supporter.

Prince Harry joins forces with royal family to pay homage to Prince Philip Prince Harry joins forces with royal family to pay homage to Prince Philip