Six Rules Of Etiquette The Royal Family Have To Abide By - And You Never Noticed

We all know that the royal family has to comply with protocol, but they also follow quite particular rules of etiquette. And some of them are surprising. Here they are.

Six Rules Of Etiquette The Royal Family Have To Abide By - And You Never Noticed
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Whether it's Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton, Prince William or even Meghan Markle, every member of the royal family must abide by very strict rules of decency. In addition to the royal protocol, which forbids members of the royal family to shake hands with fans, receive gifts or to kiss in public (except at their weddings), they have rules of etiquette that must be respected. Here's a review of these obligations.

1. Saying hello in the right way

For members of the royal family, it is essential to say hello with a kiss on the cheek and a very firm handshake. This is not negotiable.

2. Hiding your cleavage with a clutch

This is THE trick to remaining chic in all circumstances. Getting out of a car and don't want to reveal your chest as you step out? Cover your neckline with a clutch as you bend over.

3. Getting out of a car with class

In order to get out of a car gracefully, sit as close to the edge as possible and place both hands behind you, shift your ankles and push yourself up. Voila !

4. Sitting like a duchess

Do you want to sit gracefully? Simply shift your legs slightly to one side, and always have them side by side (as opposed to crossing them).

5. Folding your napkin correctly

Are you invited to a very chic dinner? Show your good manners by folding your napkin in half. The fold must be facing you. When you want to wipe your hands, use the inside of the napkin. (See video)

6. Holding your glass of wine correctly

Finally, a wineglass must be held by the stem. This is much more refined and prevents the temperature of your body from heating the wine.

Take a look at the video above to see the Royal Family abiding by these rules of etiquette! We bet you'd never noticed it before!