Shoppers are going wild for Kate Middleton's green Zara blazer

Kate Middleton dressed to impress in a green blazer from Zara for St Patrick’s Day last week - and shoppers have been keen to get the look.

Although she’s often seen in expensive designer gowns, Kate Middleton seems to be quite a fan of high-street favourite Zara too. She’s often been spotted in affordable pieces from the brand - which usually results in them promptly selling out. The green Zara blazer she wore for St Patrick’s Day last week was no exception.

Kate Middleton’s green Zara blazer

Kate donned an appropriately bright green textured double-breasted blazer for her St Patrick’s Day video message with husband Prince William. The blazer was on sale on Zara’s site for just £59.99 but has unfortunately - but let’s be honest, unsurprisingly - sold out in all sizes now.

If you’re adamant that you want the exact same blazer as Kate wore, it’s likely you’ll have to pay almost three times the price as it’s now being flogged on Ebay by resellers for upwards of £160. However, there are some very similar blazers still available on the Zara website that are well worth a look.

Get Kate Middleton’s look

For the same price of £59.99 and with a very similar design, you can order a Textured Cropped Blazer in Sea Green. This has a very similar shape to Kate’s blazer with the four front buttons, front flap pockets and lapel collar. It also has a very similar-looking texture but is in a more pastel shade than Kate’s.

Alternatively, you could opt for the slightly more pricey Textured Fitted Blazer which is available to order for £69.99. This blazer has quite a different shape to Kate’s, with only two front buttons instead of four, but it does come in the same shade of bright Apple Green and also has similar texturing.

Kate Middleton wore another Zara blazer and shoppers are going wild Kate Middleton wore another Zara blazer and shoppers are going wild