Princess Diana's London flat could be getting a blue plaque

Princess Diana will be honoured by English Heritage with a blue plaque in London this year.

English Heritage have announced that Princess Diana will be one of six inspirational women to be honoured with a blue plaque in 2021. The timing is particularly poignant as the late princess would have celebrated her 60th birthday this year.

The blue plaque’s exact location is yet to be revealed but it is thought likely that it will be placed at the flat in Earl’s Court where she lived with two girlfriends before moving in to Buckingham Palace. The flat has been described as the place where she spent ‘the happiest time of her life’, with Diana herself calling it ‘juvenile, innocent, uncomplicated and above all fun.’

Princess Diana’s legacy

The curatorial director of English Heritage, Anna Eavis said:

Her profile and popularity remains undiminished nearly 25 years after she died and clearly a part of that was the ease with which she seemed to communicate with everybody. I think what appealed to the panel when they were considering her nomination was she’s undeniably a significant figure in late 20th century Britain, with a close London association obviously.

Explaining why Diana had been chosen, she paid tribute to the princess’ tireless work for the causes she believed in, saying:

She did undeniably play an important role in destigmatising HIV/Aids and also towards the very end of her life campaigned in those anti-landmine campaigns which was also very important.

Blue plaques for inspirational women

Anti-slavery campaigner Ellen Craft, fashion designer Jean Muir, crystallographer and peace campaigner Kathleen Lonsdale, pioneering lawyer Helena Normanton and social reformer Caroline Norton are the other women due to be honoured with blue plaques in London this year.

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