Prince William’s parenting tip to all the parents

As he visited BAFTA to announce a new bursary, the duke spoke about a challenge that many parents face: how to limit the amount of time their children spend on devices.

Like many parents, Prince William has stated that he is trying to regulate gaming and screen time among his children. Prince William has admitted that his eldest son George enjoys video games, and that he is managing his children's screen time as their interest grows in the activity.

During a visit to BAFTA's renovated London offices, the Duke of Cambridge tested out a game and announced a bursary scheme in his name to supercharge the careers of outstanding people from under-represented groups who wish to work in gaming, cinema, and television.

Parenting essentials

Many parents share the duke's anxiety about how much time his children spend in front of electronics like computers, TVs, and iPads. According to research published last year, young children who spend a lot of time in front of the computer are more likely to develop difficulties including hyperactivity, poor concentration, and friendship challenges. Speaking about his three kids, Prince William said:

At the moment it's trying to regulate the gaming... monitoring screen time. Got to be careful of that.
They're fascinated by it. George particularly. He's more interested in it. The other two are a bit too small at the moment but they love the films. I adore film and gaming as well.

Hence, the duke advises that it is necessary to regulate and monitor the screen time and gaming time for kids. A parenting essential that every parent must look after.

Proud president

The duke of Cambridge met several young creatives at BAFTA, including Harry Petch who showed off his carbon capture game Net Carbon. He also met Suranne Jones, who works with BAFTA to help future talent. Prince William is the organisation's president, and while it's mostly recognised for its annual film awards, it's also expanding its mentorship support for under-represented communities. Prince William appreciated BAFTA and said,

I am hugely proud of BAFTA's ongoing commitment to ensuring that young talent from all walks of life are given every possible opportunity to build and develop successful careers in the film, games and television industries," said the prince in a statement.
The redevelopment of 195 Piccadilly has created fantastic new learning spaces to ensure that future generations can receive the support they need to thrive.
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