Prince Harry SLAMMED For Passionate Climate Change Speech

Prince Harry SLAMMED For Passionate Climate Change Speech

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were present at WE Day in London. The Duke of Sussex held a speech on ecology, but he was quickly criticised for his own behaviour.

Do what I say, not what I do? Prince Harry made a very committed speech on climate change at WE Day in London, on March 6th. The father-to-be asked the British population to be more aware of environmental issues.

Except his own behaviour was quickly pointed out. Environmental advocates have found it very contradictory to his speech.

His trips were criticized

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Because just before getting on stage at the We Day, Prince Harry travelled across a part of the country in a helicopter - a trip that cost £6000. Last month, his wife Meghan Markle took a private flight to New York for her baby shower.

Soon enough, Prince Harry's speech was dubbed "hypocritical" by a number of Brits. "They obviously have a huge carbon footprint. Maybe for their future travels, the Duke and Duchess can consider less carbon-intensive modes of transportation," said one of the spokespersons for NGO "Friends of the Earth".

Critics of the royal couple recalled that taking the train, for example, had much lower costs, both financially and for the environment.

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