Prince Andrew: Sources reveal his ‘true’ relationship with sex criminal Ghislaine Maxwell

On a visit to Buckingham Palace with Bill Clinton, Ghislaine Maxwell was introduced as Prince Andrew's ex-girlfriend.

On a tour of Buckingham Palace, Ghislaine Maxwell was introduced as Prince Andrew's ex-girlfriend, despite his protestations that they were close. A photograph taken at the time of the tour shows all of them together. Against this backdrop, former US President Bill Clinton may be seen with him and the 60-year-old sex trafficker. The Duke of York is gesturing, while another woman with Maxwell is wearing a T-shirt that read:

God Save The Queen.

Prince with the pimp

In legal filings filed in response to Virginia Giuffre who is suing Prince Andrew for alleged sexual assault, the duke had denied being a close friend of Maxwell. However, in 2002, a member of the Palace tour party informed The Sun on Sunday:

Ghislaine was described to me as an ex-girlfriend of Andrew. The impression we all had was that there was some relationship there. They clearly knew each other very well. She was very friendly and cheery.

Maxwell and disgraced actor Kevin Spacey were also seen smirking as they sat on thrones. The source also added:

We walked in the main gates and Ghislaine showed us where we needed to be. She knew her way around.

The photo was shot 18 months after Prince Andrew is accused of having intercourse with Virginia, a 17-year-old, at Maxwell's London house.

Picture perfect

In the picture, Prince Andrew, Maxwell, Mr Clinton, and the woman can be seen in the ballroom of the Palace. They were also in the throne room, where Maxwell and Spacey sat in the 1953 coronation Chairs of the Estate. The former US President had just returned from a week in Africa with Maxwell and Spacey. Spacey has apologised for his behaviour with a 14-year-old child but has yet to be found guilty of any crime. Prince Andrew has denied any sexual misconduct and has promised to fight Virginia's charges in a US court. For trafficking victims for millionaire paedo Jeffrey Epstein, Maxwell risks a 40-year sentence. Amidst all this, a spokesman for Prince Andrew was contacted for a comment but has declined to say anything.

Prince Andrew's shocking move in sex abuse case has upset the royal family Prince Andrew's shocking move in sex abuse case has upset the royal family