People Can't Believe How Much Princess Diana's Niece Looks Like Her

People Can't Believe How Much Princess Diana's Niece Looks Like Her

As her profile gets bigger and bigger in the fashion world, Kitty Spencer is starting to remind us of someone... And it's no big surprise, because the beautiful blonde is Lady Di's niece!

Kitty Spencer, 28, has a bright future on the catwalk. She has been working as a model for some years now and has walked the catwalk for such big names as Dolce & Gabbana and Bvlgari. And this is not surprising, because she takes after two of her very famous relatives.

Kitty's mother Victoria Lockwood was a famous model in the 1980s. In 1989 she married Charles Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana. So Lady Kitty Spencer is Lady Di's niece. However, she sadly didn't get the chance to spend much time with her aunt because Kitty was only 7 years old when Princess Diana was killed in a tragic car accident.

Kitty lived a very discreet childhood but sometimes saw her cousins William and Harry. In 2007, at a ceremony for the tenth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, Kitty made her first public appearance.

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Whilst Kitty has undoubtedly inherited some of her modelling prowess from her mother, her uncanny resemblance to Princess Diana is what has really got everyone talking...

Check out the video above to see how much Kitty really looks like Princess Diana! 

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