Lady Diana: What would she look like today?

With the help of modern technology, one photo editing software was able to digitally illustrate what Lady D would look like today—on the 24th anniversary of her death.

24 years ago on this day, the incomparable Lady Diana tragically passed away in a car accident. To this day, the Princess of Wales is revered for her beauty, her grace and her unwavering compassion for those in need.

Constantly referenced in modern pop culture for her elegant and very particular sense of style, it is no surprise that we all wonder what the late Princess Diana would look like today. Fortunately and thanks to modern technology, photo editing softwares have made it possible to digitally illustrate what a person might look like in the future.

Today marks her 60th birthday

Born on July 1, 1961, the mother of Princes Harry and William would have celebrated her sixth decade on Earth today. She would have been the grandmother to George, Charlotte, Louis, Archie and now, most recently, Lilibet. We are certain that that all five grandkids would have benefitted immensely from having such a charitable grandmother.

So what would she look like today?

If things had not taken an unfortunate turn for Princess Diana, she probably would have had an Instagram page with selfies of her and her loved ones. However, with the help of sophisticated software with the ability to look into what a person would resemble with a few more years under their belt, we aren't surprised to find out she looks as beautiful as ever!

Take a look at the video montage above to see what Princess Diana would have looked like today!

Lady Diana would be 59 this year... Here’s what she might have looked like! Lady Diana would be 59 this year... Here’s what she might have looked like!