Dream job alert: Work in the Swedish Royal Family's palace gardens

The Swedish Royal Family have put out a job advert on Instagram as they search for someone to take care of their palace gardens.

Dream Job Alert: Work in the Swedish Royal Family’s Palace Gardens
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If you’re green-fingered and have ever fancied working for royalty, you might just be in luck as the Swedish Royal Family are currently looking for a new gardener. Proving that they’re in keeping with the times, they posted the job advert on Instagram via the official Royal Palaces account.

Working in the Swedish Royal gardens

The job will include maintenance tasks such as weeding, hedge trimming, lawn-mowing and cleaning. The royals are looking for someone 18 years or over with experience or training in gardening and a strong interest in the outdoors. Driving licenses and experience with machinery are also a benefit.

The job ad says that they are looking for someone who has ‘a strong sense of service and responsibility. You are flexible, dare to take the initiative and have strong teamwork skills. It is also important that you are in good physical shape as the work can be heavy.’ Applications are open until March 5th.

Who are the Swedish Royal Family?

The Head of the Swedish Royal Family is King Carl XVI Gustaf, who ascended the throne upon his grandfather’s death in 1973, his own father having died in a plane crash when King Carl was just a baby. He is married to Queen Silvia and their eldest daughter Crown Princess Victoria is first in line to the throne.

The King and Queen also have a son, Prince Carl Philip, and a younger daughter, Princess Madeleine. Crown Princess Victoria has two children: nine-year-old Princess Estelle, who is second in line to the throne, and four-year-old Prince Oscar. Prince Carl Philip recently announced that he and his wife Sofia are expecting their first child this spring.