Coronavirus: Meghan and Harry are now in isolation

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s official duties as 'senior members' of the Royal Family were meant to end as of the end of March. But the coronavirus has thrown a spanner into the works for these plans and the couple is now having to go into quarantine.

Queen Elizabeth definitely didn’t imagine her grandson Harry ever saying goodbye to his royal duties. Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now having to go into quarantine after returning to their home in Canada and as a result, Megxit is coming earlier than was originally planned.

Home comers in isolation

The measure announced by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic is now affecting Harry and Meghan as well. This measure states that everyone coming into Canada from abroad have to self-isolate themselves for a period of two weeks.

And this also applies to Harry and Meghan. Meghan flew back to Canada last Monday after appearing at the Commonwealth service, shortly followed by Harry a few days later. The couple are now said to be in quarantine at their home in Vancouver. However, this is only a precaution.

An immediate end to their royal duties

This isolation won’t be too strenuous for the couple, however. After all, their magnificent estate has a total of 1,060 square meters of land, including five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, so it will be possible for the couple to avoid each other at times.

However, this quarantine means their duties as senior royals will immediately come to an end. The couple were supposed to fulfil their duties and commitments until March 31st, but their health comes first. The Queen certainly sees it that way anyway.

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