Camilla Parker Bowles: Royal family expert reveals ugly side of Prince Charles' second wife

Historian and author of several books about the lives of the Royal Family has revealed some shocking details surrounding Camilla Parker Bowles.

In Robert Lacey's Battle of Brothers: William, Harry and the Inside Story of a Family in Tumult,the historian paints a less than flattering portrait of Camilla Parker Bowles—second wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. According to the author, Camilla has been playing the game to remain on everyone's good side, at the expense of throwing others under the bus.

What are her true intentions?

For the royal family as a whole, it appears as though they share one thing in common: controversy. In addition to the tensions between Prince Harry and Prince William, claims of racism permeating the British monarchy or Prince Andrew's sexual abuse allegations, Camilla might also have her fair share of skeletons.

Allegedly described as a 'rottweiler' by Lady Diana, 74-year-old Camilla has been more discreet in recent months, but the latest book by author Robert Lacey leaves the reader to find out a lot more about her. Indeed, the expert on all things royal family definitely did not hold back when revealing the true nature of the second wife of Prince Charles.

Concerning anecdotes on Camilla

In his book, he speaks of many anecdotes that do not make Camilla Parker Bowles look all too good. According to him, Camila would have maintained a very special relationship with tabloid journalists from The Sun, by regularly giving them the inside scoop about Prince Charles and Lady Diana. He also brings light to the alleged shady relationship she has with Kate Middleton.

For Robert Lacey, Camilla Parker Bowles would have manipulated the wife of Prince William to make herself indispensable in his eyes. With Meghan Markle, the relationship has apparently always been ice-cold. He also believes that Kate Middleton and Camilla have conspired against Meghan Markle in secret to discredit her in the British media.

So, what should we make of these revelations? Pure speculation or is there enough evidence to believe that Camila has been playing a very dangerous game?

What will be Camilla Parker-Bowles' title when Charles becomes king? What will be Camilla Parker-Bowles' title when Charles becomes king?