Prince Charles and Camilla's alleged secret son reveals new 'proof' of family ties

On 30 August, Simon Dorante-Day, the man who claims to be Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles' secret son, shared a new 'proof' of his supposed royal descent.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles' alleged secret son
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Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles' alleged secret son

Secrets abound in the British royal family. With its maxim 'Never complain, never explain,' the monarchy is always careful to watch scandals from afar.

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Here is yet another scandal that the royal family is careful not to deny or confirm: the alleged hidden son of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. Of course, how could we forget the 55-year-old Australian who calls himself Simon Charles Dorante-Day? The man has accumulated over 14k followers on his Facebook page, which reads:

This page is about the investigation into my natural birth parents, who I believe are Prince Charles.

Over the years, Dorante-Day has accumulated a lot of 'evidence' to back up his claims. Adopted at the age of eight months in England, the man explains that he discovered his supposed 'royal descent' thanks to his adoptive grandmother Winifred. The Australian claims that he spent a large part of his childhood with his grandmother, who was employed as a cook in a royal residence for some years. Winifred would have told her grandson that she witnessed the future king of England being regularly entertained by a mysterious blonde woman, and that Simon is the fruit of this union.

'The world is laughing at you'

Simon Dorante-Day has explained on numerous occasions that his physique has been surgically altered to erase any resemblance to his supposed progenitors. Although he has brown eyes today, he claims that they were blue at birth. As for his teeth, they have been filed down.

But not everyone is convinced by the man's allegations. And it was on the Facebook page of Elvianna Dorante-Day, Simon's wife, that one Internet user recently spoke out.

Why doesn't Simon tell the truth about his biological mother, whom he met in 2011 and with whom he refuses to do a DNA test. Instead, you continue this charade about C&C (Charles and Camilla, ed.) being his so-called parents. The world is laughing at you!

The Australian, who has always claimed to have asked Charles and Camilla for DNA tests on several occasions, never responded to the request.

Then there's this one by Sandy 😍 Interesting combination 🤔😍

Posted by Simon Charles Dorante-Day on Wednesday, August 25, 2021

'You have Camilla's mouth and nose'

In the meantime, Simon Dorante-Day is meticulous about sharing 'evidence' of his story on his Facebook page. After having already gone after Princess Charlotte, Prince William and even Mark Shand, Camilla's late brother, it is Prince Charles who has taken the piss this 30 August.

In a photo montage, the Australian published a photo of the future king of England next to his own portrait. The only similarity? Their drooping eyelids. That's all it took for internet users to believe in this new 'proof.' Here were some comments posted under the photo.

So much resemblance.
It's incredible! How can they say it's fake? I don't think it will happen while the Queen is alive.
You have Camilla's mouth and nose.
The space between your eyes is very similar.
I had to look twice because I thought it was Prince Charles on both.

Not sure if this is enough to make the crown tremble, though...

I was doing a little bit of comparison myself 🤔 That droopy left eye runs in the family 🙂

Posted by Simon Charles Dorante-Day on Monday, August 30, 2021
Charles and Camilla’s ‘secret son’ reveals proof of his royal blood Charles and Camilla’s ‘secret son’ reveals proof of his royal blood