What is green dating?

With more people becoming conscious about their lifestyle and choices, green dating is a possible future of relationships that is here to stay.

Green dating is gaining a lot of traction recently. Recent data from Bumble India showed that more than a quarter of dating profiles have ‘environmentalism’ as their top value interest badges on their profiles.

What is green dating?

It’s probably what you think it is – it is in the name. While most people opt to hang out at restaurants, malls, cafes, coffee shops or cinemas, green dating looks for environmentally friendly options. Parks, green fields, and any other location with trees are great for Green Dating.

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The idea stems from the love of the environment and the need to protect it as humans are degrading it day by day. More and more woke people are opting to go for this trend and having dates that let them not only connect with their partners but also with nature. For Green Dating, gifts made from saplings, indoor plants, jute bags, and reusable goods are ideal.

How can you go green on your next date?

Green dating is a healthier option not just for you and your relationships but also for the environment. Here are some ideas that will help you go green on your next date:

Outdoor picnics

Planning an outdoor picnic will not only be romantic but a sure-fire way to impress your environmentally-conscious date. Prepare for everything you may need including home-cooked meals and a sport or two.

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One of the best ways to get to know someone is by being casual. Instead of sitting in a coffee shop and exchanging awkward glances, one can opt to go for a walking, jogging or cycling date. This will not only tell you about your date’s health but will also take care of the environment.

Environment-friendly gift

Sending gifts is always thoughtful. How about you think about the environment as well as you send them? Options such as reusable cups/mugs, indoor plants or jute bags can be good options.

Date for a cause

Lastly, if the two of you match your environmental energy enough, you can go for an environmentally friendly cause, for instance, a beach clean drive.

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