Us this ingredient to have an orgasm in seconds

Ladies and gentlemen, we have found quite the gem for you: a magical ingredient that has the power to take you to pleasure town in a matter of seconds.

Mushrooms: The new aphrodisiac?

In 2001, the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms published the results of a surprising study on the effects mushrooms have on our ability to organism.

While some of them are known to be quite poisonous, others can have hallucinogenic effects. But what we didn't know was that there was one that could even make us orgasm. Yes, you read that right.

This study, which was carried out by John C Holliday and Noah Soule, shows that a certain species of mushroom, which is only found on the island of Hawaii, could bring women to orgasm... in a matter of seconds!

To reach this conclusion, the two researchers carried out olfactory tests on 16 women and 20 men who volunteered for the experiment.

Almost half of the participating women had a spontaneous orgasmic experience.

The researchers explained in a press release.

But they didn't stop there. They even detailed their explanations by stating that some of the guinea pigs had felt immense pleasure while others achieved climax immediately. According to them, the plant's orgasmic virtues would occur from the pores of the fungus, which would release dopamine.

While the Phallus Indusiatus has real virtues for women, unfortunately, it doesn't have much effect on men. As the newspaper Shoko reports, it could even put women off the male sex. What a pity!

Check out video at the top of the article to find more details about this promising fungi aphrodisiac. And for those who wish to try the experiment, you'll have to fly out to the United States.

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