Turns Out Size Does Matter... When It Comes To Fertility

According to a very serious scientific study, penis size could have a link to fertility.

Size doesn’t matter. This adage which has been repeated over and over again could actually be false... at least from a fertility point of view.

Researchers from the University of Utah in the US conducted a survey of 815 men, and their findings, presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference which ran until Oct. 10th showed that men with smaller penises may have more trouble procreating. And this can come down to less than an inch!

Reasons still not established

According to scientists, men with an erect penis measuring 5 inches are more likely to have fertility problems than those measuring 5.5 inches. ‘Half an inch is perhaps not a huge difference, but the results from the statistics don’t lie,’ says Dr. Austen Slade, one of those who conducted the research.

For the moment the study does not allow any general conclusions to be drawn. Moreover, the actual reasons for the link between penis size and fertility have not yet been established. For the specialist, there could be a genetic explanation.

Many other factors can affect fertility, such as smoking, stress, and exposure to chemical products.

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