Top 5 Tricks To Reignite The Flame And Break The Routine In Your Relationship

After years of life together, a routine establishes itself, and this is completely normal. But amongst your doubts, your arguments and your weariness, you miss the passion of the early days…Here are 5 foolproof tricks to win back your other half!

1. Devote time to them. Spend an evening together (seriously, not on your phones…). This will allow dialogue and communication, the fundamentals of a relationship.

2. Change your surroundings. Do you always go to the same places? Have evenings of dinners in front of the TV become an awful force of habit? To break the routine, go to that new restaurant that just opened in your neighbourhood, buy tickets for your favourite comedian, go on a spa weekend…There are plenty of options!

3. Introduce a breath of fresh air. Has your hairstyle been the same for years? Do you never update your wardrobe? Is there nothing new, even when you’re intimate? It’s time to revitalise all that!

4. Say goodbye to sloppiness. Taking care of yourself is important, especially if you want to seduce him/her anew. A dash of perfume, some pretty makeup, an attractive shirt…it’s not much, and yet it will make all the difference.

5. Hold onto some of the mystery. A mysterious side is incredibly sexy, be it in a man or a woman. You are probably used to sharing everything so there is no more intrigue in your relationship, and nothing left that keeps you in suspense, but having your own secrets is important - and not only to rekindle the fire.

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