This Wedding Photo Went Viral For The Most Beautiful Reason

This picture where a young groom whispers in his wife's ear while she is in tears has become viral. James Day, a photographer who specialises in weddings, shared this picture on Instagram. If his photography does not lack emotion, the explanation he gives behind it amplifies it and has conquered the hearts of thousands of Internet users... Take a look at the video above to see why!

It is said that a wedding is the best day in the life of those celebrating their union. The photograph that James Day took has gone viral and perfectly summarises this formula. On his Instagram account, the photographer shared a deeply moving shot of two newlyweds. We can see Adrian whisper some words in his wife Roslyn’s ear and, if the moment captured by the artist does not lack emotion, the explanation of the artist can only make it more intense.

By publishing this photo, James Day wrote: ‘Tonight, I took a picture of Adrian & Roslyn during the sunset. I was preparing a shot at the setting sun, you know the kind, with people in the middle of the shot… I love this kind of photo but tonight it seemed to me insufficient. At the moment when the light became beautiful, I went back on everything I had learned up to then, I went over to them and I told them said: 'Stop striking a pose, enjoy your first sunset as husband and wife.' They gave each other the most beautiful of hugs... It was much more beautiful than I could have staged. I said to Adrian, 'I have a question for you, but I want you to give the answer to Roslyn, not me. It's with her that you chose to spend the rest of your life, she among the billions of people on this planet. Can you tell her why?' I saw Roslyn's eyes twinkle, and the most beautiful tears in the world trickling down her cheeks, and I realised that I was crying too. Oh love, you're so precious.’

James Day has managed to capture all the love that unites this beautiful couple. His photography has already gone viral around the world and has collected more than 14 000 likes on Instagram.

Take a look at the video above for more...

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