This Is Exactly How Long It Really Takes To Fall In Love

People always say that love arrives when you least expect it but according to a study, it could take 254 days and 268 messages to get there!

A study led by the French dating site has been trying to find when the perfect moment to fall in love and find your keeper is!

Time for love!

If you’re sick and tired of being single, it’s worth knowing that you could already be falling for someone right in front of you… In fact, if you’re currently talking to somebody, you could end up falling in love with them in the near future. According to a study led by AdopteUnMec, it could only take about a year to fall deeply in love.

To explain further, the experts behind this study claim that it takes 254 days and 268 messages to fall in love. And what’s more, ladies, you should know that you fall in love quicker than men! For you, it only takes 232 days to fall in love in comparison to 276 days for men! And to add to this, the study has claimed that men need to send more messages to make their minds up: 312 in comparison to the 224 for women. So, where are you in all this?

Check out the video above to find out more!

Study Shows We Fall In Love Three Times In Our Lives Study Shows We Fall In Love Three Times In Our Lives