They Found Love In An Uber, As Told By The Drivers
They Found Love In An Uber, As Told By The Drivers
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They Found Love In An Uber, As Told By The Drivers

Love at first sight can happen anywhere... even in ride shares! The Uber company shared anecdotes from passengers for whom some journeys will remain forever etched in their memories.

How did you meet each other? To this question, some people will now be able to answer 'In an Uber.' Rideshare company Uber interviewed its drivers for International Celibacy Day in order to find out if any love stories had started in their cars. And the answer was obviously YES. Several drivers have therefore told the story of the relationships they saw being born, and here they are:


It was a typical Friday night. I accepted fare for an Uber pool. Then a second one. A woman and a man. It was a 45-minute journey so we all laughed and had a good time! The man worked for a major sports brand, so we exchanged numbers.

The two passengers also exchanged numbers. 4 months later, I was invited to their wedding. Thanks to a shared fare, they now share their lives with each other.


An American couple drove with me in May 2017. Their destination was the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris and they were looking for a precise statue. After asking the locals for information, I finally found what they were looking for. The gentleman then showed me a very pretty ring and asked me to follow them. He gave me his mobile phone which was in video mode and rushed with his partner to the statue. He got down on one knee and took the lady's hand, and started talking to her! It was very impressive! I started filming them until the man finished proposing to her, and then he kissed her! Then he came back to me to thanked me! It gave me chills! It was a very moving scene, the bride had tears in her eyes. As their Uber driver, I was their only witness. Honestly, it left its mark on me for a very long time, because it doesn't happen to me every day...


One evening, I picked up several passengers on an Uber Pool journey. A man and a woman started talking in the car. They exchanged contact information. I didn't notice anything and one day the woman tried to find me. To do so, she said she had lost something in my car. Once on the phone with her, she thanked me because thanks to me and this journey, she had gotten married and found the man of her dreams. She is now pregnant!


My most beautiful anecdote is the meeting of two passengers who met in my car. We got along very well with the man and we kept in touch. He then contacted me again to invite me to their wedding! A very good time followed afterwards. It's a story that really makes me happy to be a driver!


My most beautiful anecdote is the day a client asked me to stop at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower to propose to his wife.

By James Guttridge

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