These are the 4 golden rules for a strong relationship

We are all different and that is why relationships are far from easy. Here are 4 golden rules for your relationship to work.

1. Communicate.

It's the foundation of a couple! Those who are often more pragmatic, tend not to be very expressive about their feelings. You are different. You do not have the same desires and this is normal. The first rule is to discuss things that you disagree on. Only in this way will you succeed in solving problems.

2. Have joint projects.

Love alone is not enough. Moreover, it is often said that "To love is not to look at each other, it is to look in the same direction together." You build a strong relationship by sharing a vision and common values. It is therefore important to learn to know each other well.

3. Trust each other.

This is another essential foundation for a strong relationship. The day you no longer trust each other, there is no turning back. You can try to pick up the pieces, but your significant other will always doubt your sincerity.

4. Don't lose yourself.

A relationship can sometimes become too codependent, resulting in you neglecting your own needs and desires. This can create frustration and resentment. To achieve balance in the couple, you sometimes have to take a little space. But be careful not to fall into the other extreme, not doing anything together.

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