These 5 zodiac signs are the hottest between the sheets

Scorpio is often referred to as the hottest sign in bed. But which are the other randiest signs on the zodiac? Find out now!

Scorpios are considered to be the hottest sign in the bedroom but what about the others? Aries' impulsiveness also makes them a hit between the sheets, and Taurus' calm demeanour definitely takes a turn in the bedroom. Read on to find out if your zodiac sign is one of the hottest in bed.

These signs are the raunchiest in bed

1. Scorpio

Making love is like therapy for them. It allows them to relax, to free themselves from their anxieties and to put aside their pessimism. They lose themselves completely and let go, which is usually difficult for this star sign. Bedroom activity is even downright vital for them!

2. Aries

Dynamic and impulsive, Aries like to dominate in bed and take initiative. You have to be ready to follow them in their passion! Getting hot and heavy definitely allows them to channel their energy healthily. Naughty, naughty!

3. Sagittarius

They like to pour their need for adventure and escape into their relationships. But they're not too over the top and stay reasonable. In nature, in a stairwell or in a fitting room... With them, it's clear, we're ditching routine!

4. Taurus

Don't be fooled by their legendary calm demeanour. In an intimate setting, Tauruses are very active! And yes, they delight in the small pleasures of life, including carnal pleasures, which are important to them. They take their time with their partner to gradually increase arousal! The longer it is, the better... right?

5. Libra

A platonic relationship? Not interested... They cannot conceive of a romantic relationship without a fulfilling physical side. But there is no way they're settling for a mere booty call. Their need for love and their eternal romanticism come first!

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