Looking for a new fling? This is the best day to flirt

Did you know that there is a day of the week when you are most likely to get laid? Read on to find out more.

Sometimes it's difficult to find the right person. You download apps, and you start doing the usual, swiping right and making 'matches,' then you start talking to people who ask you 'what are you looking for here?'

And that's when it hits—do I really want to find love on an app, or would I like to meet someone special on the street?

We'll tell you the exact day when you can find an interesting person to flirt with without having to use a screen.

Best day to flirt

A study conducted by the dating app Tinder indicates that the best day to flirt is at the beginning of the week, i.e., a Monday. Yes, you read it right. Monday is the day when many people start working and sometimes go out post-work to grab a drink to beat the blues.

It seems like a day that many people don't like, but you can be very positive, both to clear your head and to start new relationships.

Tinder study

Tinder reveals several reasons why Monday is the best day for flirting. It is the beginning of the week when the soul is deprived of attention and love. Thus, it is a perfect day to break the monotony.

Mondays are always heavy after a hard day's work and people often get tired even if you are just working from home. This is a day when we need to chat or vent our sorrows, creating a breeding ground for an exchange of words that can lead to romance.

Why don't you go on and beat your Monday blues by chatting away post work?

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