Here's how to achieve a clitoral and vaginal orgasm simultaneously

When it comes to orgasms, there are two different types: clitoral and vaginal. However, it is possible to experience both at the same time.

If having an orgasm is the goal for many women, having two at the same time is the ultimate quest! Well, it turns out it's possible! Although most women find it easier to have clitoral orgasmsthan vaginal, it is actually possible to have both at the same time. Obviously, that doesn’t stop us from having our preferences in terms of stimulation. But, if you already know what it feels like to have an orgasm, just imagine what bliss two at the same time would feel like.

In practice

To be able to have both at the same time, you first need to understand your own anatomy and what you like. We suggest first stimulating the clitoris which, once swollen, will have an effect on the inside of the vagina as well. To reach the absolute peak of pleasure, it’s better to try this solo first.

You know your body better than anyone else. So after playing with your clitoris, you can then try tickling your G-spot. Because, yes, it does exist. Just in case you were wondering, it is about 3cm from the entrance of the vagina. Take some time to explore your vagina first and make sure you know where it is.

Two orgasms through masturbation

You can both stimulate your clitoris with one hand, and let the other take care of penetration. Either using your fingers or asex toy(recommended for maximum pleasure), you can move back and forth, up and down and side to side at whatever speed you like. Since coordination might be difficult at first, don’t despair if you don’t orgasm immediately, it will still feel great.

Two orgasms during sex

We won’t lie to you, having two orgasms is much better when you’re with a partner. With your guidance, your partner will know just where to touch you so that you reach seventh heaven. The main thing is to make sure you’re in the right position.

Missionaryis very good for this as when he is inside of you, your hand is then free to play with your clitoris. Same goes for doggy style as your partner can take care of both areas at the same time. On your back, legs spread and in the air, your partner can also penetrate you and take care of your clitoris at the same time.

Those who have experienced two orgasms at the same time in the past say that it really is true bliss. But obviously, the most important thing is to have fun!

The pretzel: The most satisfying sex position to achieve simultaneous orgasm The pretzel: The most satisfying sex position to achieve simultaneous orgasm