He's old enough to be her grandad but they're actually happily married

24-year-old Dehenna Davison and 59-year-old John Fareham recently tied the knot in front of cameras on Channel 4's Bride and Prejudice.

The show Bride and Prejudice followscouples who are about to wed, and the family tensions and disapproval surrounding the couples. The five part series explores the lives of six couples, including Dehenna - who goes by Dee - and John, who first met when she was studying politics at Hull university. She then joined the Conservative society, and there, she met John, who is a Tory councillor and former Lord Mayor.

Friends before love

The pair were friends for over a year before romance blossomed between them. When Dee went on a work placement to Parliament in 2012, John visited her - taking her out to swanky venues the Carlton, the Athenaeum and The Garrick gentleman's club.

They continued their romance back in Hull as Dee stood for election for theConservative Party in Hull North and confronted an angry voter together. John proposed to Dee in 2015, outside his old home in Bracknell. He even managed to get down on one knee - a feat he admits can be a struggle at his age!

Disapproval from family

John and Dee's unlikely romance has met with some disapproval from Dee's family - particularly from her grandad Paul, who is only 8 years older than John. Having lost her father when she was 13, Dee was desperate for her grandfather to give his blessing to their marriage and for him to give a speech on the big day.

He says he was 'shocked' by the relationship and 'can't understand why she'd be so attracted to John.' However, when he saw Dee in her wedding dress, a tearful Paul told her that he would be there and make a speech on his granddaughter's big day.

Often Mistaken For A Mother And Her Daughter, They're Actually A Happily Married Couple Often Mistaken For A Mother And Her Daughter, They're Actually A Happily Married Couple