Ghosting: 3 personality types that will most likely ghost you

It’s hard to tell when going in, but there are subtle signs that show you if the person you are seeing may ghost you.

Rejection, especially if you don’t see it coming, is the worst. It stings even more when the person just ups and disappears with no explanation or warning. Ghosting has become the common method of ending short-term relationships, friendships or even unfulfilling matches on social media.

As reported by Stylist, a recent study shows that 29% of women say they experienced ghosting while 26% admitted to having ghosted someone. If you are the ghoster or the ghosted, you should beware of these personality types.

The dark triad personalities

A recent research that sampled 341 adults in America found that people who scored higher on the dark triad personality traits, found ghosting to be a rational and acceptable way of ending a short term relationship. The so-called dark triad traits refer to people with narcissistic (vain, entitled, with an unearned sense of superiority), Machiavellian (manipulation and cynicism) or psychopathic (lack of emotional sensitivity and empathy) tendencies.

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The way people behave in their romantic relationships is directly connected to their personality traits, and those with the dark triad triads, tend to have unstable relationships and do not mind taking advantage of others. However, a lead researcher, Peter Jonason says, this does not necessarily make them bad people, they just have a different way of seeing the world.

This kind of cold and detached form of break up – one that doesn’t take anyone else’s feelings into consideration – is an easily reasoned outcome of the way in which these people’s brains work. They prefer to just kind of bail.

Ghosting is no big deal

For the study, participants completed test to assess their dark triad trait levels after they were asked questions about ghosting to gauge their attitudes to it and if they had ever ghosted anyone.

The researchers found that higher dark triad scores aligned with a greater acceptance and history of ghosting as a way to end short-term relationships. The researchers concluded that:

ghosting is considered acceptable by people, men in particular, high in the Dark Triad traits when attempting to extract themselves from low investment relationships.

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