Before You Even Think About Dating A Coworker You Need To Read This

Before You Even Think About Dating A Coworker You Need To Read This

In general, employers tend to look down on romantic relationships at work! Domestic dramas, a decrease in productivity, gossiping… so much gossiping. And the workforce can end up suffering the consequences! Even if some people can seem more flexible and not as dramatic before they start a relationship like this, it’s better to know what you’re walking into first.

Are you completely mad about the new girl? Or your boss? Ah, forbidden love… it is exciting! But before you dive in head first and then realize you can’t get out of it, read these 4 golden rules that you should follow!

Rule n°1:

Ask yourself the right questions. If you feel like it’s getting out of hand… stop! Try to keep your cool and ask yourself if a fling is really worth all this hassle? Will you really know what to do next day? Or the next day? Is there a hierarchical relationship between you? Will your relationship become impossible to handle?

Rule n°2:

Shhh! Keep it to yourself! The less people who know, the better! Avoid cute little small talk and sending ambiguous messages. Be careful, your faces could betray you…

Rule n°3:

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Keep it professional! Your job has to come before your fling. It may sound obvious, but it’s not as easy as that. You’re going to have to learn to put things in perspective and not let it interfere with your work…

Rule n°4:

Keep it out of the office! This is a well-known rule, and for good reason! Keep your hands off each other and you’ll have a lot less problems… You have been warned!

• Anna Wilkins
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