A Couple Have Invented A Button That Could 'Revolutionise' Your Relationship With Your Partner

An American couple has launched a crowdfunding campaign to invent the LoveSync, a gadget with a peculiar application.

Is pressing a button enough to signal that we want to make love? This question was posed by an American couple who launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kick-starter to develop LoveSync, a gadget that lets your partner know that you're down for a roll in the hay...

But how does it work?

It’s all very simple, you each get a button to put on either side of your bed and you simply have to press your button if you're in the mood for getting it on. If both partners have recently pushed the button, a green light turns on and you know it's time to make your move. However, if only one partner pushes a button and the other doesn’t, nothing happens, and you can tell your partner's not in the mood without having to face rejection.

And what about spontaneity?

Of course, this gadget won’t be able to solve all your problems. Communication is essential for everything to go smoothly in a relationship, because when one “eludes these vital conversations to avoid embarrassment, one won’t be able to have optimal sexual relations,” says Kate McCombs, a sex psychologist at Healthline. Plus who says sex has to be in bed all the time?

However, the invention has obviously struck a chord with many as the couple have already surpassed their Kickstarter target - so it seems like they're onto something...

Check out the video above for more on this new invention...

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