4 reasons why women simulate an orgasm

According to a survey on women's sexuality, more than half of them fake orgasm in bed, and they also confessed their reasons!

For more than half of women, simulating orgasm without really feeling it is still a reality. Why is this? Fifty years after the sexual revolution, women still experience pleasure through a macho prism.

57% of women have already simulated in bed

According to an Ifop survey conducted for Femme Actuelle, in March 2021, 57% of women have already simulated an orgasm with their current partner. A quarter of them explain that they use simulation sparingly, while 10% of women say they practice it regularly.

The beginning of a relationship is more likely to be a time for simulation. 26% of those surveyed said they often simulate, compared to 8% who have been in a relationship for several years. But why pretend to have an orgasm? They gave their reasons.

Reasons for faking it

The women who responded to the survey gave several reasons. The first was to please the other person (37%), the second was to shorten sexual intercourse (32%), the third was not to offend her partner's sensibilities (31%) and the fourth was to be in tune with her partner at the moment of orgasm (26%).

François Kraus, director of the gender and sexuality unit at the Ifop polling institute, says:

This shows a desire not to damage the male's ego, not to undermine his self-confidence in his sexual potential.

Do women still model their pleasure on that of their male partner? These figures reveal a more 'altruistic' approach to sexuality, often at the expense of their own enjoyment, says our colleagues. Only 28% of the women questioned believe that their desire should come first.

Klaus says:

In heterosexual relationships, sex is still perceived as the satisfaction of a male need.

So what are we waiting for to claim our pleasure and FINALLY get off?

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