Woman caught leaving her dogs for dead in despicable act

When you can no longer care for your animals, your first course of action should always be to try and find them a new home. Apparently that concept was lost on the woman in the video above whom just so happened to be caught in the act. Check out the video and watch her be confronted!

In America, one woman was caught red handedattempting to abandon her 4 dogs at a dead end street in a residential area. The poor dogs would soon be left to fend for themselves.

An onlooker comes to the rescue

Thankfully, a resident in the area and volunteer for Animal Care Services was there the shine a light on the situation. She pulled out her phone and recorded the confrontation with the woman, in an attempt to persuade her to bring the dogs to a shelter. ‘I'm tired of people dropping off abandoned dogs. I fostered for Animal Care Services and I'm the one that has to take time away from my children to help people who don't want to be responsible for their pets,' the resident who filmed the interaction said.

After feigning interest in doing the right thing and bringing the dogs in, the woman finished getting the last of her dogs out of the car before peeling away. In the backseat of her car, a passenger gave the middle finger to the camera. The woman eventually did turn herself in to authorities, whom may charge her with misdemeanour animal abandonment. So far, only 3 of the 4 dogs have been found.

A much too common phenomenon

Over 100 animals are abandoned every day in the UK, due mostly to families no longer being able to afford to feed them. This figure is a 65% rise from 2007, as owners struggle to looks after them, as reported by the RSPCA. Animal cruelty convictionshave also risen by almost 25%.

If you, or anyone you know, can no longer adequately take care of your pet, please contact the RSPCA and see how you can get them a proper home.

After coming across a stray dog, this woman completes a selfless act After coming across a stray dog, this woman completes a selfless act