Vets are concerned that people are getting their dogs high

Cannabis is legal in many states across the US, but that doesn't mean it's safe for animal consumption. Vets are becoming more and more concerned about people attempting to feed their pets Marijuana and the potential side effects.

There is little research on the effects of cannabis on dogs. Some people believe that it can be used medicinally to treat conditions such as cancer and arthritis in our pets. However, there is a lack of evidence for this and the potential negative side effects are pretty scary.

There are three ways in which dogs can get high from cannabis:

1. By ingesting marijuana leaves or buds directly

2. By eating products laced with marijuana such as biscuits or brownies

3. Via second-hand smoke

Not only are vets worried about the possibility of pets finding and being affected by their owners' cannabis products, but some people are also actually creating cannabis products specifically for dogs, including cannabis capsules, treats and ointments.

In theory, these products shouldn't have an intoxicating effect on dogs because they are made from hemp not marijuana. Hemp contains far lower levels of THC, the cannabinoid which causes a high. Nonetheless, experts warn that there is not enough evidence to be sure that this is safe.

Dangerous side effects of cannabis on dogs can include lethargy, breathing problems, abnormal heart rhythms, loss of balance, incontinence and low blood pressure. In certain cases, the ingestion of marijuana can be fatal for dogs.

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