This woman was knocked unconscious for letting her dog off the leash

Jeanette Carroll was happily strolling through Flatts Lane Country Park—a popular park for dog owners—with her pups when a man struck her in the face.

One disgruntled man approached Jeanette Carroll while she was out walking her dog and demanded that she put her dogs on a leash. Carroll tried to reason with him, but Mr-Unnecessarily-Agitated let her talk for 20 seconds before knocking her unconscious.

Severe damage to her face

When51-year-old Caroll came back to reality, she found herself covered in blood. Her teeth also needed rewiring. Thankfully, the park ranger came to her rescue, but the angry man punched the ranger in the face, too. Can someone please find this bearded, middle-aged man and send him to angermanagement?

Carroll frequently takes her dogs on this route, and this incident has sparked a bout of anxiety. She wants to continue walking her pups here, but since no one has found the man, the 51-year-old is now quite scared to do so.

Justice for Caroll

She’s a professional dog walker, so she clearly knows when it’s okay to let her dogs run around off-leash! Plus, it’s good to let pups run around and explore. The man clearly has some issues. Unfortunately, the situation gets worse.

Apparently, the police haven’t helped out the dog walker at all. Find out what she has to say about how the police have handled the incident in the video above.

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