This Study Has Revealed Brit Pet Owners Have Some Rather Unusual Habits...

This Study Has Revealed Brit Pet Owners Have Some Rather Unusual Habits...

We all love our sweet pets but have pet-owners gone too far with these crazy behaviours? According to a research that was conducted by a pet food company, Lily's Kitchen, 1 in 5 dog or cat owners regularly kiss their pet on the lips. While some people might find this normal others think the behaviour is just too excessive and bizarre.  

A survey of 2000 pet-owners found that a large number of them treat their animals in ways that might seem odd to the rest of us. 

These are some of the other findings of the poll:

- 40% of dog-owners let their pooches sleep in their beds with them every night

- 15% of pet-owners have taken time off work to look after sick pets

- 34% refer to themselves as their pet's 'mummy' or 'daddy'

- 30% sign their pet's name in birthday cards

- 20% get up at 4am to feed their cat breakfast 

And whilst a third of those surveyed admitted that others have found their close relationship with their pets 'odd', 9 out of 10 said they 'don't care' what other people think about their relationship with their animals.

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Dr. Deborah Wells, an animal psychologist commented, "This research highlights the intensity of owners’ attachments to their dogs and cats and the lengths some people go to to ensure their pets’ needs are not only catered for, but, in many cases, exceeded."

About 96% of people consider their pets to be members of the family and 6 out of 10 say that they are closer to their pet than they are to some of their human relatives. 

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