This is why your dog always stares at you while they poop

Have you noticed that many dogs stare at people while they poop? If your dog does too, it's not because he is asking you for a little privacy. Strap in and we'll explain it all.

This is Why Your Dog Always Stares at You While They Poop
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Dogs look at people whilst they're doing their business as a pure survival instinct. It is one of the moments in which they are the most vulnerable to the attack of another animal.

That's also why dogs take a bit of time before finding the perfect spot and getting on with it. They have to use their instincts to make sure that there are no threats around. Once they're comfortable they still won't lower their guard though. They seek your gaze as they want to be aware of any danger that may exist, both for them and for you. So now you know!

Credit: Michael Baturin @ Youtube