This dog suddenly bit his owner and it saved their entire family

When a dog bites its owner, it's sometimes for a very good reason. This was certainly the case when Patch bit his owner whilst she was lounging in the bath.

Here's yet another example of a dog doing something incredible in the face of danger. Meet Patch!

Patch lives in a home with husband and wife Richard and Nola Davis along with their two young children. Thanks to this heroic pup, the family escaped a terrible fate that would have seen their lives tragically cut short.

Looming danger

One evening, Nola Davis decided to take a relaxing bath. She closed her eyes and let the music wash over her. But this moment of serenity wouldn't last long. Patch leapt towards his owner and gave her a firm bite on the wrist.

Initially shocked by his behaviour, Nola quickly realized that Patch was trying to tell her something. While Patch was biting, he wasn't actually digging his teeth into her wrist—he was trying to grab ahold of her and pull her. Patch was insistent so she got out of the bath and followed him.

Pets can save lives in more ways than one! Getty Images

Saved twice in one night

When Nola stepped out of the bathroom she had a huge shock—the house was in flames. She followed Patch out of the house where all of the family gathered. Nola, however, wanted to go back inside to pick up some valuables but Patch put himself firmly in her way to stop her re-entering the burning house. Moments later, the house had exploded.

Nola realized that Patch had saved her life twice that night.The family had previously been considering giving Patch up because he was too much work but their minds were very much changed following Patch's heroic actions that night. Patch is their saviour!

This Dog Bit Her Owner - And It Saved His Life This Dog Bit Her Owner - And It Saved His Life