This Corgi Hides His Bones in the Most Peculiar Place

While for most of us, the boredom of being forced to stay home day in and day out, set in pretty quick after confinement regulations were set in place in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. However we haven't put much thought into how this might affect the other creatures around us.

While there have been quite the inspirational stories about how wildlife has flourished in the wake of humanity collectively staying indoors, we haven't really considered the effect this forced confinement might play on our domesticated fluffy friends.

For one cute corgi, he's dreaming of the days he was able to freely navigate the yard and bury his bones wherever he pleased. However, with the current situation, the walks have been cut too far and few between and countless hours he got to spend outdoors has been limited.

Now he's unsure what to do with the overwhelming amount of bones he's accumulating and the lack of hiding spots in which to place them. That is until he found out he could hide them in his owner's house plants.

In a statement to Newsflare his owner Elinor said:

He is fed up with the lack of new, creative hiding spots for his bones and has taken to his mama’s beloved house plants. We’ve been doing a lot of yard work during the shutdown and have found 8 bones and toys in the backyard that were likely hidden in the snow throughout winter.

Bean, the 2-year-old corgi has been hiding bones around ever since Elinor brought him home and it seems as though he's not about to let the coronavirus stop him either!

Check out the video to see Elinor's reaction to catching Bean in the act!

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