This Rescued Kitten Followed Her Beloved Human Everywhere, Now She's the Ultimate Outdoor Companion

This is the cutest video you'll see today, a kitten named Gracie takes a dip with her owner in this heartwarming footage.

Mike Usher, from St John, Virgin Islands, met his cat Gracie when she was only five weeks old, he found her hiding in a wall on the streets of the island and immediately adopted the small fluffy feline. And the pair instantly became best friends and are inseparable.

Despite the fact that the young man is very active, he felt bad about leaving Gracie to an uncertain fate. However, it turns out the cute kitten was ready for the adventures and keen to learn more about the outdoors. Mike opened up:

She always kind of wanted to be around me wherever I was, whatever I was doing.

When speaking to the Dodo, Mike said:

She just followed me right out to the water. She goes right to the towel. I have bottled water that I let sit in the sun a bit and I give her a bath.

Gracie changed Mikeinto the perfect cat-dad. He takes great care of her, he even got her a little beach towel

Besides going to the beach with Mike, Gracie likesto climb trees, go hiking in the forest and also visit monuments. When she gets tired, she just takes a nap into Mike's sweatshirt pockets... How precious!

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Gracie has her own Instagram account, @graciegoesadventuring, with more than 186k followers and a Youtube channel where she shares her adventures. The kitten is now 7 months old and she's even more curious and has the perfect dad in Mike. The pair have won our hearts! We can't wait to see more of Gracie's adventures.

He Rescued This Kitten and Took it Home, but the Kitten Could Have Never Expected This He Rescued This Kitten and Took it Home, but the Kitten Could Have Never Expected This