What this girl did to her pitbull will warm your heart

This is proof that dogs really are man's best friend—or in this case, a girl's best friend.

Adalynn Leary, a little girl who lives in Alaska, United States, went through a traumatic experience after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit her city. After the earthquake, she started having panic attacks and could not sleep alone at night. Adalynn developed anxiety and sleeping alone was impossible, she just could not close her eyes. The girl needed someone at her side to feel safe.

Doggy to the rescue!

Fortunately, the family found a way for little Ady to overcome her fear... with the help of her best friend, Fury the pitbull. The father installed a camera in his daughter's bed to watch over themduring the night and captured some unexpected and very special images.

In the video, you can see Ady putting Fury in her bed and covering him with a blanket so he does not get cold.

People online reacted instantly to the moving images in the recording, although, of course, many people voiced concerns over the dangers of a dog sleeping with such a small child.

More than just a pet

The girl's father said that the dog would never hurt the child because he was also a member of the family and concluded:

If you train them with love, they will show love.

Watch the video above to see the images of Adalynn with her beloved pitbull Fury!

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