The heartwarming moment this service dog gave birth in a busy airport (VIDEO)

A true labour of love! A service dog called Ellie from America became an internet star after footage of her giving birth to a litter of puppies in a crowded airport. The footage melted the hearts of millions online.

A service dog waiting to board a flight home to Philadelphia gave birth to eight healthy puppies in the middle of Tampa International Airport.

The Labrador called Eleanor Rigby – or Ellie for short – decided to brighten the days of the surrounding people awaiting their flights by demonstrating the miracle of life and putting on a bit of a show!

An unexpected surprise

Joined by her owner Diane Van Atter, her partner Golden Nugget (what a name!) and a group of paramedics from the City of Tampa Fire Rescue were all there to support Ellie and aid her through labour. Ellie’s owner Diane knew that her pup was pregnant but didn’t know how close she was to giving birth – nor that she was carrying such a large litter!

After relatively simple labour, new mother Ellie and father Golden Nugget were now the parents to 8 beautifulpuppies – 7 boys and 1 girl.

Both Ellie and Nugget are Diane’s service dogs. In addition to being faithful companions, they help Diane with her mobility and pain issues. With her story going viral across the internet, Ellie can be proud that she brought joy to millions of others across the globe! What a good girl!

Check out the video above to see the amazing video for yourself!

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