She Was Terrified of Her Neighbour's Pit Bull but it Would Soon Save Her Life

Arjanit Mehana is the proud owner of a pit bull. Unfortunately, his neighbor, who is an elderly woman, is deathly afraid of it. But she's not the only one. This dog and its master regularly approach people to help them overcome this fear, and you won't believe what happened... Read on to find out!

Many people believe that pit bulls are one of the most dangerous dog breeds. However, there are so many stories that prove otherwise, like Arjanit Mehana's.

This man has a pit bull named Simba. Because pit bulls are still considered to be fighting dogs, a lot of people are afraid of this breed of dog. Mehana and Simba's neighbour is one of them...

A canine hero

One day, Mehana got back home with his dog. Before getting to their apartment, they have to walk past their neighbour's door. But that evening, Simba stopped in front of the neighbour's door and just stood there. His owner, Mehana, pulled on the leash, but the dog wouldn't move. Instead, Simba started barking very loud.

"I heard a weak voice shout for help. She said, 'Please don't go,'" he told The Dodo. Luckily, the door to the apartment was unlocked, so he decided to go inside to see what was going on. An old lady, his neighbour, was lying on the floor with a broken hip. Indeed, she had fallen two days earlier and could no longer get up on her own.

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Although the old lady was deathly afraid of Simba, the pit bull saved her life and she was successfully transferred to the hospital. The other residents of the apartment building heard the amazing rescue story and, much to Simba's delight, have been giving him treats to reward him. Mehana hopes this helps change people's minds about pit bulls: "I hope this event will make people see bully breeds differently. We, as human beings, must deserve their loyalty and love."

For more details, check out the video above the article.

This pit bull saved this woman’s life on multiple occasions This pit bull saved this woman’s life on multiple occasions